Gen Cumpson
Wanted to be an Accountant

Natalie Thompson
Wanted to a Teacher

Joey Drapeau
Vice President
Wanted to be a Pilot

Billy Broadbent
Vice President
Wanted to be a Superhero

Cadence Cumpson
Accounts Receivable Specialist
Wanted to be a Conservation Officer

Grace Cumpson
Accounts Payable Specialist
Wanted to be a Journalist

Adrian Satherswaite
Fire Protection Designer
Wanted to be an Astronomer

Clifford Noun
Fire Alarm Systems, Estimating, and Design
Wanted to be an NBA Player

Jacob Godfrey
Wanted to be a Fire Fighter

Zach MacArthur
CET Water Based Systems Layout III – Senior Designer
Wanted to be a Hockey Player

Ian Cameron
Shipping Receiving
Wanted to be a Sailor

Eleanor Cumpson-Godfrey
Shop dog
Wanted to be a taste tester in a Gourmet Kitchen